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January 30, 2011


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Awww... sweet! good job Jim!

You two are so sweet together. I am so blessed to know that my daughter has such a perfect soul mate and beautiful family. In the end, regardless of all the other "stuff" in life one has to deal with, that is the most precious thing I could wish for my children.

this is actually our New Year's resolution! We never get out of the house together but the kids are gone for 2 days every other week when they visit their dad. We decided we would MAKE ourselves have date nights even if it was just staying home and spending time together. 2 weeks ago we had a blast making dinner together....chicken alfredo....a few and a movie. It was fun and tonight is our second date night of the new year and I'm looking forward to it. We are attempting Springfield style cashew chicken and fried rice :) You look beautiful btw and Jim's an awesome cook!

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